Juvenile Treatment Court

Juvenile Treatment Court (JTC) is a diversion project at Family Court designed to engage non-violent substance abusing juvenile offenders in appropriate treatment under the supervision of the presiding JTC judge and the JTC Review Team. The Evaluator assigned to JTC performs behavioral health assessments for these juveniles and refers them to treatment. The work of the Juvenile Treatment Court is aimed at motivating and supporting program participants to complete the program and to graduate.

The Clinical Evaluation Unit (CEU) clinical staff is a part of the JTC team, including a dedicated Judge, Public Defender, District Attorney, School District Representative, Juvenile Probation Department and Family Court Juvenile Services staff.

The target population is non-violent substance-abusing juveniles charged with eligible offenses and having eligible prior delinquent histories. Completion qualifies the participant to have his/her criminal record expunged after remaining arrest-free for one year. Failure to complete the treatment and requirements may result in incarceration.