Accelerated Misdemeanor Program (AMP)

How long is the AMP program?

AMP 1 participants are expected to have their requirements fulfilled within five weeks of accepting the terms. They may finish them earlier if desired. If a defendant is unable to complete either the community service or pay his/her fines/costs in full after five weeks, the judge may provide an extension. The defendant must provide proof that at least half of his/her community service is complete and more than half of his/her fines/costs have been paid.

AMP 2 participant completion is determined based on compliance with court stipulations following a social services assessment. An individual is required to show proof of treatment at his/her assigned court hearing and if his/her progress is acceptable, the case can enter into a Stipulated Trial or Section 17/18. Once an individual is able to make a Good Faith Payment of $35.00 toward court costs/fines and provide acceptable proof of treatment, he/she may successfully complete the AMP Program.

Will this case come off my record?

There are two basic offers in AMP.

  • Stipulated Trial: The participant pleads not guilty and is found guilty after the judge reviews the police reports. The sentence will either be to follow through with the treatment recommendations or complete community service. The participant must also pay the mandatory court costs and this charge will stay on your record.
  • Section 17 / Section 18: The participant pleads no contest and no verdict is entered by the judge. The judge will impose conditions as outlined under the stipulated trial, but upon successful completion of conditions, the case is eligible for expungement. There is no guilty verdict. However, if the participant fails to complete the conditions, he/she will be found guilty of the underlying charges.

What happens if I don’t comply with AMP?

If a participant fails to adhere to the stipulations of the AMP Program, he/she may be sent for a violation hearing and placed on probation or sentenced to No Further Penalty. Participants may also be sent to trial and if found guilty could possibly face the maximum sentence for the crime he/she was arrested for committing.

Can I complete Community Service only?

The AMP 1 Program is managed by the City of Philadelphia. AMP 1 participants that are eligible for the program are asked to complete Community Service hours and pay a fine without entering a guilty plea, in exchange for the case not going to trial. AMP 2 participants are not eligible to complete community service hours as they must comply with the stipulations to participate in social services (drug/alcohol/medical/mental health treatment) as part of the pre-trial agreement. AMP 2 participants that do not display any signs of substance use issues or medical/mental health issues may be granted by the Public Defenders or District Attorney to complete community service hours as part of their court stipulation.