How long is the Accelerated Misdemeanor Program (AMP)?

AMP 1 participants are expected to fulfill their requirements within five weeks of accepting the terms. They may finish earlier if desired. If a defendant is unable to complete either the community service or the recommended course of treatment within five weeks, the judge may provide an extension. After the first extension, further extensions may be granted on a case-by-case basis.

AMP 2 participant completion is determined based on compliance with court stipulations following a social services assessment. If required to receive some kind of treatment, an individual is required to show proof of treatment at his/her assigned court hearing. If his/her progress is acceptable, then the case can enter into a Section 18. Once an individual is able to provide acceptable proof of treatment, he/she may successfully complete AMP.

Will this case come off my record?

There are two basic offers in AMP:

  • AMP 1: The participant is required to complete community service or receive treatment as determined by PHMC social workers. Once the participant has fulfilled the conditions, he/she may apply for expungement immediately.
  • AMP 2: The participant pleads no contest, and no verdict is entered by the judge. The judge will impose conditions as determined by the Social Services Assessment, but upon successful completion of conditions, the case is eligible for expungement. There is no guilty verdict. However, if the participant fails to complete the conditions, he/she will be found guilty of the underlying charges.

What happens if I don’t comply with AMP?

If a participant is unsuccessful in AMP 1, the offer is revoked and the case sent for a trial. If a participant is unsuccessful in AMP 2 after entering a no contest plea, a violation hearing is conducted, and a verdict of guilty is entered and a penalty imposed. If an AMP 2 candidate is unsuccessful at completing the pre-plea conditions, the offer is revoked and the case sent for trial.

Can I complete Community Service only?

AMP conditions are determined by the PHMC social workers who assess potential participants for their individual needs. The social workers determine whether and what kind of treatment is needed. If the participant is deemed not to need treatment, then he/she may complete the amount of community service requested by the Commonwealth as a condition of participation in the program.

Do these requirements ever change?

AMP is revised from time to time. For the most up-to-date information, consult with your attorney at your court date.